Development and Design for Conscious Entrepreneurs

Development and Design for Conscious Entrepreneurs

Upgrade Your Digital Presence

We are helping conscious entrepreneurs to expand their platform and increase their impact
We create visually attractive and activating websites that radiate authenticity and credibility
By abundantly sharing our unique gifts, voice, and wisdom we co-create global transformation

Business Development

If you are a conscious creator ready to:

  • share your authentic vision and voice with the world
  • up-lift your unique talents and skills to a professional level
  • claim your mission during the current collective awakening
Then let’s connect. We are helping conscious creatives, healers, and leaders to expand their digital presence so that their inspiration and wisdom reaches people worldwide.
With our unique gifts and skills in communication, design, authenticity, and empathy, we translate your unique message into a tangible digital reality.


Our Services

We are committed to offering you the best possible guidance to successfully take your conscious initiative to the next level. Through this co-creative process, a unique digital product emerges that activates the right audience at the right time.

Complete Webdesign

We create visually attractive responsive WordPress websites. We also offer graphic design services, as well as content structuring and editing.

Digital Coaching

We teach you how to create a complete and perfectly functioning WordPress website. We also teach you how to create captivating digital designs and how to edit images.

Business Coaching

We guide you in the process of conscious business development, zooming in on your mission, your uniqueness, your audience, and how to connect with them.

How We Work

If what you are reading here sparks curiosity in you, we schedule a ‘no-strings-attached’ call, so that you can get a sense of what we have to offer and we roughly identify your needs and wishes, both in terms of the process and the end result. If we resonate with each other and if we are confident that we can co-create successfully, we make a plan.

To start our cooperation, we talk in-depth about who you are, about your vision, and about your intention for the project or business initiative. We get an impression of the envisioned result of your authentic digital presence. Next, we discuss a preferred time frame for the co-creative process, we zoom in on the aspects of the design and/or development process, and we define which technical, visual, and textual solutions are needed.

We also agree on the roles and responsibilities during the co-creative process, depending on your skills, your experience, and your desire for future autonomy. Delivering you a digital product is less time consuming and financially more attractive. But the process of digital coaching allows you to learn the skills needed to independently update and change the digital product in the future.

 For delivering digital products and for the process of business development, we agree on a ‘package deal’ price, half of which is paid before we start, and the other half is paid upon successfully finalizing the co-creation. For digital coaching, we charge an hourly rate. Before we start, an advance is paid, and during the coaching process, the hours are billed monthly. Payments are made via bank transfer (within Europe), PayPal, or TransferWise.

Most of our meetings will be video-calls. This improves our ability to connect through cyberspace and ‘listen between the lines’. For digital coaching, we use a remote assistance program that allows us to not only see your screen but also to temporarily control your mouse. This combination of tools bridges all communication gaps and allows for effective and efficient collaboration.

Our Vision

We can co-create collective transformation when we share our authentic wisdom and vision with the world.

Together we create expanding ripples of inspiration and empowerment.

We can re-awaken and cultivate our deepest potential by continuously evolving personally and professionally.

We are all invited to claim our space in this world, to show our uniqueness, and to let the universe meet us half-way.

Our unique frequency radiates from our essence during the co-creative design and development process.

This imprints the digital products, so that it reaches and touches the right people at the right time.

Who We Are

We choose quality over quantity. We do not rush any project and we take our time for every single moment of interaction we have during the co-creative journey. This means we prefer to use ‘flexible deadlines’, to listen to gut-feelings and synchronicities.

We value the authentic truth of every moment. With that comes honesty, integrity, and transparency. That is what we offer but is also what we expect from the people we collaborate with. This keeps the vibe ‘clean’ and improves both the process and the digital product.

We like to solve puzzles. We like to bend problems into opportunities. We see things with a birds-eye perspective and we see how everything is interconnected. Our open-minded and unconventional nature doesn’t fit into a ‘box’. We aim for realistic idealism.

We like to dissolve limiting patterns and ideas. In freedom, energy can flow without restrictions. We can pinpoint where the energy is blocked and what can be done to unblock it. Seeing the impact of this newly liberated energy gives us great joy and fulfillment.

Digital Creativity Snippets

We feel excited about making the skills needed for graphic and web design more accessible to you. As part of that quest, we regularly create Digital Creativity Snippets (DICS) that zoom in on elements of our designs.

About Irma

Meet Irma, founder and director or CoCreative Design. She is a conscious entrepreneur and feels passionate about creating a positive impact in the world, and she wants to do that by empowering others to share their gifts and amplify their impact.

She brings a tasteful mix of expertise in communication, a passion for graphic design, a talent in everything digital, and a unique gift to pierce through layers of inauthenticity and zoom in on the essence.

For insight into her other activities, visit her other websites.



I have had many conversations with Irma. She really listens and has tremendous empathy for everyone. This makes her unique. I have benefited greatly from the insight I gathered during our long talks and my outlook on certain aspects of life has changed. I am grateful for the time and space she has made for me.



Irma is a kind, intelligent, and entrepreneurial friend. She has broad knowledge and a practical worldwide approach. Her knowledge of life and her healthy mind keep the right balance between vision and practicality. She is dedicated and won’t back down when extra efforts are needed to achieve results. With her honesty, continuous interest, and realistic attitude, new insights appear and new paths unfold.


This co-creative process is not for you if...

… you want to get rich fast and feed your ego. We work with people who genuinely feel called to share their gift and message with the world. The abundance that likely follows should be a by-product instead of the main focus.

… you want the most futuristic digital result. We are not seasoned web-developers and don’t follow the latest tech-advancements. We merge our digital expertise with spiritual awareness during a heart-centered co-creative process.

… you want to keep your ‘personal self’ out of the process. We can only do our magic when you are open. It is through the connection that we can translate your authentic message into a digital presence that represents your uniqueness.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you and discover how we can assist you in taking your talent, vision, and mission to the next level!

You can send us an email at to schedule a free call. You can also find us on LinkedIn.

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