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Writing Effect

Installing necessary WordPress plugin

These effects look impressive, yet they are easy to create! Assuming you know your way around using WordPress and Elementor and installing and using new WordPress plugins of course. From the Dashboard in WordPress, you go to Plugins and at the top, you can select Add New. There are several different plugins that offer Writing Effects. Many of them are part of paid pro-versions of plugins, and the free versions tend to have very few options to customize the typography and writing effect options. Rife Elementor Extensions & Templates is a great free Writing Effect plugin. You don’t need to have a Rife theme installed for the plugin to work. After installation and activation, the Writing Effect Headline appears under the basic Elementor Elements and can be dragged to the desired location on the page.

Choosing Writing Effect text-elements

Once the Writing Effect Headline has been added, you can enter text in three separate areas. The first line is for the Static Text that is already appearing on page load. Then multiple lines can be entered in the Written Text area. These lines will alternate. The last line is for the optional After Text that follows the (alternating) written text lines. Note: Not all these lines need to be filled. When left empty, they simply don’t show up on the page.

Static Text First line Second line Third line After Text

Discovering visual options

With the default settings, the effect isn’t the most appealing. But you can tweak the Writing Effect Headline any way you like to create surprising and visually attractive webpage elements:

  • leave the After Text empty and align left to make sure only the Written Text is moving:

Static Text First line. Second line. Third line.

  • create two separate Headers, one with only Static Text and one with only Written Text:

Static Text:

First line. Second line. Third line.

  • slow down the writing speed to 220 for an eye-catching and dramatic effect:

This is the First line. What about the Second line. Never forget theThird line.

  • mix up the typography so that the Written Text is highlighted more:

Static Text First line. Second line. Third line.

  • add a motion effect (advanced options) to the Headline to make it more eye-catching:

    (refresh this page to see the effect on page load)

Static Text

First line. Second line. Third line.

  • create out of the box!






With this tool, it’s wise to check the final result on several different screen sizes and see if it appears correct. Sometimes on smaller screens, the written text can jump to the next line and this will push the content below the written text up and down in a loop. A workaround to prevent this is to assign a separate line for each part of the text that will fit on a mobile screen. Another option is to make an adjustment in the advanced settings and choose responsive hide on mobile. With these settings, the Writing Effect Headline will not appear on mobile devices. Hopefully, this Digital Creativity Snippet has inspired you to implement this easy and attractive tool in your WordPress creations!